Welcome on web pages of company KGO Štangar s.p.

We are manufacturing complete stainless steel equipment like:

  • kitchen cooling equipment,
  • cooling-counters and retro-counters,
  • as well as self-service-lines.

The accent of the cooling equipment is put on perfect insulation, therefore there are minimal thermal losses.

Cooling drawers are manufactured in the same height as beer-bottles, so there can be stored up to 32 of them in one drawer. The guiding is telescopic so the drawers can be pulled out completely.

The front side of the counters are made of wood-panels and it is recommended that it does not reach the floor. That measure ensures, that in case water spills on the floor, the wood stays dry.

The lower front and working side is closed with stainless steel lining to prevent the accumulation of garbage under the counter.

Normally we use stainless steel plates of 1 mm thickness, also available in 1.5 mm thickness. All our equipment is dynamically cooled and digitally guided.

The cooling extends from +3 to +10o C and provides an automatic drying of condensing water. The cooling equipment is manufactured in cooperation with subcontractors.