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Catering pizza counters for pizzerias and inns

When ordering a bar counter, the customer can also order a retro counter, in which we install everything else that could not be installed in the bar. It can also be a refrigerated retro counter, with most often a built-in compressor or separate. Boxes with thermopane glass and lighting can be built into the cooled retro counter.

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With refrigeration equipment, the emphasis is on completely breaking the thermal bridges, so there are also minimal heat losses. The doors of the refrigerated counters have heated anti-condensation edges, which also prevents the formation of mold on the seals.

Styrodur 40 mm thick is used for insulation, and polyurethane mass is used for cooled upgrades.

Cooling drawers are made at the height of a bottle of beer, so that 32 bottles can fit in one drawer. The guides are telescopic so it is possible to pull out the drawer completely. On the front of the countertops is raw plywood or panel, and it is recommended that it does not reach the floor. In case of any reason for the facade to get wet, water does not come into contact with the wood.

We make a plinth and stainless steel from the work side so that rubbish does not remain under the counter, and from the façade side at the customer's request. We typically use R.F. sheet metal 1 mm thick, but can also be 1.5 mm thick.

The temperature range of cooling is +3 to +10 degrees C, and for freezing counters up to -17 degrees C. Drying of condensed water is automatic. We only install digital thermostats with a display. Beverage coolers are dynamic, and for food we install evaporators with calm cooling so that the food does not dry out.

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