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Pavel Štangar


Founder's message

Our advantage is quality

We established our company in 1989. With a wide range of our reference products and services, we are also known outside our country.

Our company provides consulting, design, production and installation of professional kitchens, restaurants, outlets and other custom solutions in the hospitality and food industry. Our large selection of custom products includes: distribution counters, neutral elements, self-service lines, trolleys, floor gratings, sinks, shelves and more. Based on our knowledge and experience, we are primarily committed to the expectations of our customers. We place great emphasis on high quality products, competitive prices, timely deliveries and continuous improvement.

Our business is the production of complete kitchens for small and medium-sized catering establishments and the design of technological kitchen solutions. Many times the customer wants us to engineer the kitchen completely. Equipment that we do not manufacture is purchased from retailers with whom we regularly cooperate.

Our promise

We guarantee professional quality
Affordable price range and conditions
Top products

We have a diverse product range. We equip bars, pizzerias, inns, school kitchens, health centers, nursing homes, as well as residential houses. We also offer custom-made items.

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Our qualities

We provide our customers with top quality products with tradition and quality. We develop new products and train our staff regularly.

High quality


The whole range

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Timely delivery

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You will find our products all over Slovenia and also abroad. We invite you to call us and make sure of the quality.

Why are we good?

We have our own production of all the main items needed for quality products.

  • Own production

  • References in Slovenia and abroad

  • Good prices

  • Reliable and accurate

  • Tradition and know-how


We'll call you back

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+386 41 758 218

  • Working time:

  • 7:00 - 15:00

  • E: pavel.stangar@siol.net

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